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Hello and welcome to the Titans of All'Terra, a 5e Dungeons and Dragons Actual Play podcast adventure for gamers of all ages.





When creating the Titans of All'Terra, I wanted to produce a podcast with my best friends, who also just so happen to be my family. This week, I sit down with Kelsey to talk about her character Joan Stormcrown.

When creating the Titans of All'Terra, I wanted to produce a podcast with my best friends, who also just so happen to be my family. This week, I sit down with my brother Ricky to talk about his character Dalfin Mugwart.

When creating the Titans of All'Terra, I wanted to produce a podcast with my best friends, who also just so happen to be my family. This week, I sit down with my sister-in-law Erin to talk about her character Winnebret "Winnie" Dumplekin.

When creating the Titans of All'Terra, I wanted to produce a podcast with my best friends, who also just so happen to be my family. This week, I sit down with my brother-in-law Eric to talk about his character Relnor Windhelm.

This is the introduction to both the world of All'Terra as well Part 1 in a series I'll be releasing through our Patreon. 

This creative endeavor would not have been possible without the incredible support of our patrons at

Thank you all!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas everyone! Welcome to our special Christmas themed one shot adventure! The gang travel back to the Gnome Island to save Truffle Bundle from the evil inventor, Kringle Claw! Will they survive the machinations of this maniacal machinist? Find out, right now!

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The High Captain of Lestraad has summoned several unique individuals to the command building. What begins in his office may very well change the future of All'Terra.

The newly formed crew continues to prep for their mission and inevitable confrontation with Captain Russell and his crew.

The Sheamus sets off on their two day journey for the Gnome Island. Winnie learns a thing or two from the ship wizard Wilbert...

Welcome to the Gnome Isle, a place of technological wonders, endless secrets, and dangers untold.

Relnor, Winnie, Dalfin, and Joan fight for their lives as they explore the magical and mysterious ancient ruins. The dice will fly in this combat and lore heavy episode!

The team awakens to find themselves recuperating at the peek of the Wandering Mountain. How much time has past, and what is waiting for them back in Lestraad?

Reports of wizard attacks have stirred up some trouble in the Four Kingdoms. Winnie and Bordu have been arrested! Relnor, Joan, and Dalfin head to the High Captain's office…

The gang reunites at the Grey Temple only to find it in chaos. Dah've tells them the history of the strange glyphs and shares a secret with Joan.

The party is split. Winnie heads for home, Relnor goes to talk with Cpt. Harris, Dalfin sees about the monks, and Joan lies unconscious on the floor of the grey temple. All the while, monsters roam the streets of Lestraad!

Titans are in Lestraad! Winnie tries leading her parents to safety. Dalfin & Relnor try to help the monks. Joan goes toe to toe with a monster upon the wondering mountain.

The city of Lestraad recovers and mourns from the aftermath of the titan attack. Relnor receives an unexpected summons.

After a night on the beach the team make their way south, encountering a rather quirky character along the way.

The party continues their way south, through the border town of River Watch. Relnor meets a Captain who served under his father, and Winnie makes a new friend.

Past the Guardian River the party continues their journey south. Once they reach the Ranger Post Dalphin learns something interesting.

The party continues toward a cave near the Forgotten Woods. Gar warned that whatever goes in never comes out. Now Relnor, Winnie, Dalfin, and Joan go in.

The battle with Miscreant continues as the twisted creature grows into something more powerful than the team anticipated... but that won't stop them from trying to take it down.

Another Titan defeated, the party meets a young tribesman who happened to witness the epic battle. He quickly warms to the adventurers and leads them deeper into the Forgotten Woods.

Our heroes venture to the treetop kingdom of the Fyr Urden Stri. As they try and convince Greytree to agree to peace talks with the Vas Urden, they will first have to prove themselves.

With the newly earned trust of the Fyr Urden Stri, our heroes prepare for what promises to be difficult peace talks between the two tribes. However, there may still be forces actively working against that peace, even now...

Joan and the gang end up fulfilling one of the Urden's most ancient and sacred prophecies. Then they learn that traveling into the desert may not be as simple as they had hoped.

Our four heroes set out in three directions, each doing their part to unite the human tribes of the south.

Winnie enter the Iron City, Joan encounters the Stur Urden Stri, Relnor Speaks in the Hall of Ages to the Jorro Urden Hand, and Dalfin sees something.

Winnie goes on an adventure, Joan enters a battle, Relnor vies with the Jorro for aid, and Dalfin finds a hole in the dirt.

A week has passed. In that time Winnie finds an interesting cave, Joan and Relnor prepare the urden for war, and Dalfin tried to fly.

Winnie learns some lore in the Well of the Orcs, and the War at the Worldbridge begins!

The Four Urdan Leaders meet with Orung the Fellhammer, Winnie meets the Keeper of the Well, and Dalfin flies (kinda).

Winnie prepares to pull off a precarious prison break, and Dalfin dogfights a dangerous airborne denizen of the desert.

Relnor does his best to keep the urdan united and prepared for the coming conflict, which may be coming sooner than he thinks, as the battle for Southern All'Terra begins in earnest!

Orung and his 100,000 orcs are attacking in force and our heroes are doing everything they can to stem the tide and push back his army.
All'Terra World Book Kickstarter Form

"Here, as the light rises, a young urden glowing as the sky takes hold of the earth, meets the light at the sacred place, and brings the shade!" - Greytree of the Fyr Urden Tru

All'Terra World Book Kickstarter Form

Now that the War at the World Bridge has ended, what's next for our heroes?

All'Terra World Book Kickstarter Form

The adventurers fly North, toward the Crystalline Kingdom of the Elves in hopes of finding another golem. With Orung's final words and the news from Gar, who knows what's waiting for them.

Our heroes finally arrive at the Elven kingdom of Dal'Thoradyn, and Relnor begins the spirit quest for his golem.

Relnor continues his trial, Dalfin and Archie get some one on one time, Joan and Winnie enter the House of Spells, and something dark stirs to the east.

The stage has been set. The pieces have been placed. Powerful forces seem to be pushing our heroes toward the abandoned Dwarven Kingdom. Could what lies within be the king or simply another pawn?

What started our heroes on a boat headed for their first adventure now comes to a thrilling conclusion.

Thank you so much for joining us along this journey! Your engagement and investment in this story and our characters has made such an impact.

We will see you all in November for the start of Season 2 of The Titans of All'Terra!